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Age. 26
Gender. Female
Location , NJ
School. Boston Univ
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20 things i have realized while working retail
8/10/12 (friday)
1. i apologize. a lot. for everything. did you wait too long for me to open the dressing room? SORRY! is your receipt taking too long to print? SORRY! did your credit card get declined? SORRY! is my folding getting in the way of you unfolding everything? SORRY!

2. there are way more size 00/0/1/3 girls out there than i expected. granted, most are preteen girls. but still. i didn't think anyone could actually fit into those jeans...

3. the most outgoing and talkative people are also the ones that are not afraid to talk shit about any and everyone. this scares me.

4. i take work way too seriously. this was fine in an office, but now i actually have coworkers, wtf? i need to not... be... awkward.

5. i enjoy having coworkers. a lot. sitting in an office all day by myself is death. i need people.

6. saying "have a good one!" is a good way to avoid accidentally saying "have a good day!" when it's actually closing time but you haven't even realized because you've been in the store all day.

7. there is way more paperwork necessary to run a store in the mall than i expected.

8. i would never be able to guess girls' jean sizes. seriously, you're a size 13? i wouldn't have guessed bigger than 7. huh... you're a 5? i would've guessed 9. etc.

9. working at the mall near my high school, i kind of expected to see people i recognize on a frequent basis. i haven't seen any familiar faces in almost two weeks. it is not, in fact, a small world. there are way too many people living in new jersey. (also, get me out of new jersey)

10. every skinny, pretty, blonde, white girl parties, smokes, and drinks. no exceptions.

11. also, i am exceptionally lame. at home, anyway. BRING ME BACK TO BOSTON.

12. not doing shit over the summer besides working is going to bite me in the ass when i have class, a job, several events to plan for the next semester, and friends. all at once. shit.

13. i am definitely the only person who only hung out with people twice, tops, over the summer. i have no friend here anymore. burning bridges, man. don't do it. it's boring.

14. maybe i shouldn't have given up driving indefinitely. it sucks to be the 19-year-old whose father demands she leaves the second he pulls up. EARLY.

15. "my supervisors always schedule me for saturday night..." "LOL they know you don't have a boyfriend!" well... yeah...

16. i am terrible with small talk and cannot think on my feet. not creative at all. once, three guys cornered me in the dressing room, each wearing the same style tank top, and asked which of them looked "biggest". i was terrified.

17. i find it incredibly weird to befriend my supervisors. my parents raised me with a strict "respect your elders" mindset, so to be shooting the shit with them? i just can't. i just. i know i'll need to get over this eventually, but still. ugh. ugh.

18. there are some clothes that nobody will ever buy. ever. why do people make these clothes, seriously. why.

19. i've been working for a month and a half and i still don't know these three guys' names. for the most part, i ignore two of them (and it's mutual) but the other guy seems really friendly, politely waves whenever we see each other and says, hey, what's up, how are you, etc. but i still don't know his name. i don't know how to go about asking now. it's too late. i'm doomed. (well we wear name tags. but still. IT'S STILL AWKWARD.)

20. i really wanted to end on a nice, round number. what else is there? oh yes. a job where i get paid to greet every single person i see? YES. GREET ALL THE PEOPLE. i enjoy it way too much, seriously.

You live that close to Mitsuwa and have never been?! It is clearly the shit, aside from all the people being rude when walking/driving/eating. We totally had some family harrumphing around our table and trying to breathe down our necks to intimidate us into leaving. It was hilarious.

I don't like udon because I don't like noodles, and I always forget that I want to get a curry when I'm there. Their donburi are awesome, and the omurice is good too. The shop with cakes rocks, except the creme brulee cakes aren't very good.
» ikimashokie on 2012-08-11 09:00:08

And now, an actual comment.
I apologize a lot too. I think it's the best you can do when you know someone is going to flip out and act irrationally.

I totally wore a 00/0/1/3 until I was about 14. For some reason, I want to get down to a 7, but that requires effort.

Number 10 is hilarious. My brother and I coined the term crazy white people parties, for the sorts of parties these people go to.

17 is a pain in the ass. I guess it's the "oh you're an adult now, join the club", but it doesn't feel that way at all. I'm much more likely to approach a boss/older coworker as "Um, excuse me?" instead of "Hey, boss!". I sometimes wonder if it gives a particular impression of shyness or some other negative trait.
» ikimashokie on 2012-08-11 09:05:35

Brings me back to my retail days. Sometimes I miss them, but mostly no. But that's probably because I worked at Claire's. In Alabama. What a nightmare.
» Amelie on 2012-08-15 12:08:53

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