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lucky cha cha cha!

Age. 26
Gender. Female
Location , NJ
School. Boston Univ
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randomly, i was like
7/15/11 (friday)
"hey, remember that nutang site? i wonder if it's still around!"

and it is! whoa! hey!

i haven't updated this site in two years... so, in celebration of rediscovering this site (holy crap, i need a new profile picture) i shall stream-of-consciousness style summarize my junior and senior years (in between tetris games, of course)! go-go-go!

junior year was filled with AP exams and... nothing else. seriously, is that all i can remember from junior year? well, i started calculus, which was the biggest pain in the ass. it also killed my gpa terribly.

on the plus side, the guy that sat behind me (between his random mumbling and cursing out the teacher) had a humongous crush on one of my friends. he'd ask me about her once in a while and i thought it was the most adorable thing in the world. well, barring the fact that she's a conceited bitch who used to list off all the guys who wanted a slice of that... what? true story.

i didn't wanna discourage him because it was his senior year, after all (oh, that was an interesting three person class after the seniors graduated) but it was amusing to no end to watch this guy go after a girl who would whisper to me, "why does he keep talking to me? i don't like him..." oh, i don't know...

my sophomore religion teacher made a world cup pool at the end of the year, true story. i don't remember what country i got, but i don't think anybody got spain so no free wendy's guys, sorry.

spanish was a weird class. i got the biggest crush on this guy that i never knew existed before junior year (apparently, that summer he cut his hair really short. i didn't even recognize him with long hair in the yearbooks from past years) who had a deep voice that was really nice to listen to in spanish (especially since he was? is? fluent). it was weird, i dropped that crush the minute AP tests were over. as i told my friend, i think it was a distraction from all the stress of junior year.

it was kind of funny actually... my friend is friends with him and was trying to give my pointers about how to talk to him, which later evolved into how to approach guys in general. looking back, this is kind of pathetic, but fuck that. it never really worked because i eventually realized that we had absolutely no chemistry, but there's really no loss there, so whatever.

oh hey, i'm going class-by-class. anyway, history was the best. my teacher was the most sarcastic, black-humored man i've ever met. he'd show us pictures of child laborers from the early twentieth century, all depressed and black and white, and say things like, 'why aren't they working?' and make jokes about post-birth abortions. and curse out other teachers. and profess his undying love and admiration of others. it was adorable. one of my friends had a bit of a crush on him, though, and that was kind of weird. she's kind of weird.

moving on, my english teacher was awesome. we constantly asked ourselves, 'why is she working here?' apparently, she used to have a six-figure job as a partner in a huge law firm. and now she's working at catholic school. gotta give her props for following her heart, she genuinely enjoys teaching, so all the more power to her. anyway, she'd tell us stories about gym class under the eiffel tower, or her paralympian mother.

halfway through the year, her absences became more frequent and she often left school for weeks at a time (which really killed us, nobody wants their favorite teacher to be out). she came in a little while later and told us that she had cancer and was receiving treatment. and her outlook was good! that was the important part. we ordered her flowers (or were they edible arrangements? same deal) and made her a card and had an elaborate plan to surprise her with them in class once. it was adorable.

physics was terrifying.

biology was the worst, it killed all of our GPAs and was a huge blow to all of our self-esteems. the class averages on all the tests, without a curve, was failing. most of us got 5s on the AP exam though, which i guess is the important part, but still. my GPA hurt. all nighters, reading the book from 3 in the afternoon 'till 3 at night, weren't fun either. the fact that i transferred into the class and had to teach myself the first few units was kind of painful too.

oh, the sacrifices i make for school.

anyway, i deem junior year "the year that killed my chances of getting into cornell." no shit, i really do, my grades in bio and calc killed me. but that's fate! this is getting kind of long (that's what she said) so maybe i'll do senior year another day.

this was fun, nutang.

Welcome back.

1. I feel bad for that first guy who liked your friend.
2. Your english teacher sounds awesome.
» undisputed on 2011-07-15 01:02:03

-Dilated btw
» undisputed on 2011-07-15 01:02:09

holy cow...
...2 years? It doesn't feel like that long.

Junior year sucks. Senior year's where it's at...get ready
» The-Muffin-Man on 2011-07-16 03:45:19

Wow, welcome back. Sorry to hear that your chances of getting into Cornell are... not great. X| If you've got lots of extracurriculars though, I hear that's more important now?
» randomjunk on 2011-07-16 07:52:42

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